Why Twitter Wants to Increase Its Character Limit

Why Twitter Wants to Increase Its Character Limit

The decision to increase the number of characters was inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Korean Twitter users, the company's project manager Eliza Rosen said.

The new limit is not going to roll out for Japanese, Chinese and Korean, but rest of the users with other languages should get the new feature very soon.

The company says that it is rolling out this feature to a few users before releasing it to the entire Twitter community, so most users will have to wait a while.

Though the official rollout is still TBD, The Verge found a way to unlock the new 280-character limit right now using Chrome and a little light coding.

Twitter has historically been different from other social platforms because of the brevity of its content and posts, and the changing character limit could frustrate long-time and heavy users of the platform who have become accustomed to catering tweets to the 140 character limit.

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This is essentially a JavaScript-based bookmarking tool that lets you post longer tweets. It has indicated that the users won't always be able to use these applications and extensions for more characters. Because they can relay much more information in a single tweet, they may be inclined to post more often.

They've done so by fostering idiosyncrasies like the tweetstorm (a series of tweets that can read like a narrative), guffawing at bad ratios (when you have significantly more angry replies than retweets) and creating, well, Twitter art.

Selina Wang at Bloomberg Technology noted that a lot of Twitter users consider the 140 character limit to be the "defining characteristic of the platform", adding that there's been a notable amount of backlash regarding the change. In the test, some of Twitter's users will get to tweet 280 characters. User growth was flat in Q2 2017, making it especially important for Twitter to increase time spent among the users it now has. "That is something we will never change", said Rosen.

TANYA CHEN: There were even some pretty dark jokes about how this just allows Twitter trolls to send you even longer and more specific death threats.

Twitter's biggest challenge is growing its user base among real people - and not the bots and anonymous trolls that clutter it with objectionable material. Just.4 percent of tweets written in Japanese were 140 characters, compared with 9 percent written in English.

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