NASA Provides Coverage for First Meeting of the National Space Council

NASA Provides Coverage for First Meeting of the National Space Council

"We will return American astronauts to the moon, not only to leave behind footprints and flags, but [also] to build the foundation we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond", Pence said today (Oct. 5) at the first meeting of the newly reinstated National Space Council (NSC).

Space industry leaders said they and NASA are building the spaceships to get there. And they're promising that in five years, astronauts could be working around the moon. Pence also proclaimed that the U.S. will be the first nation to put humans on Mars - whether that will be via NASA or a private company like SpaceX (or a mixture of both) is yet to be seen.

VP Mike Pence speaking at the first National Space Council meeting.

"Business is leading the way on space technology, and we intend to draw from the bottomless well of innovation to solve the challenges ahead", Pence said. Pence also said that there will be a "constant presence" in low-Earth orbit.

Mars or moon? Moon or Mars?

The group "ensure [s] that all aspects of the nation's space power - national security, commerce, global relations, exploration, and science, are coordinated and aligned to best serve the American people".

"American leadership in space will be assured", Pence said.

Earlier this month, NASA said it was prepared to shift its focus away from Mars, and toward the Moon, whenever the current administration gave the "go" for logistical launch.

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This seems to clearly be a reference to innovative rocket design and reusability coming from new space companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Pence served on the NASA subcommittee during his days in the House of Representatives, and has spoken often about watching rocket launches on TV as a child.

Pence said re-committing to space exploration is vital for the nation's economy and security, and he praised President Trump for spearheading what he billed as a renewed effort to ensure American dominance on the final frontier. "We can only decide to match and raise our adversaries who are already weaponizing space", former NASA chief Michael Griffin said.

'We started [it], but we never completed.

The International Space Station is a low-Earth orbit satellite.

Above all, Pence stressed that the USA would lead in space again under the Trump administration.

Now, the US pays Russian Federation $76 million in rocket-fare each time an American needs to reach the International Space Station.

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