Prices are going up — Attention Netflix users

Prices are going up — Attention Netflix users

Many Netflix subscribers in the United States will soon have to pay a little more each month for streaming.

The hit series will air on October 27, featuring the original cast, Netflix confirmed. Netflix will begin raising prices in November and by December it plans to have all users on its new pricing tiers. This plan includes streaming to two devices at once and HD streaming. Subscribers will be given a heads up, which is nice. The prices are already in effect for new sign-ups and will be rolling out to existing customers later this month, Netflix said. The previous price hike had a gradual implementation as well, with pre-existing subscribers seeing no change in their price for two years. "I don't think we see it yet".

The price increase for Netflix is limited to their Standard and Premium plans.

Netflix is gearing up to increase prices on their standard and premium plans. Entry level plans will remain at $7.99 a month. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Does Netflix still represent great value to you? You also get that first month free.

"Since 2016, members have been able to watch Netflix on the go without connecting to the internet by downloading content onto phones, tablets and Window 10 laptops". With more than 50 million subscribers in the US and 100 million customers worldwide, Netflix is already beating USA cable subscription totals (48 million). You can't do that in Basic. Not bad. Beyond that, the plans are the same. Maybe it's a good time to stop and take stock of how often you use that subscription anyway.

The price hike goes into effect for new members in the USA today.

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At the time, the streaming giant said the increase would only affect new subscribers. Then again, $7 billion in content isn't going to pay for itself.

The Netflix price increase will have subscribers to two of the company's three packages paying more.

The increases come as the company pours more money into developing original programming.

The fare hikes go into effect for new US members today.

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