Race review reveals gaping inequality in the UK

Race review reveals gaping inequality in the UK

His comments follow yesterday's announcement that Prime Minister Theresa May was launching a "world-leading" project on the impact of ethnicity on everyday life.

A "world-leading" investigation into racial inequality in the United Kingdom has revealed sweeping disparities between ethnic minorities and white Britons.

The project was launched by Theresa May in a bid to end the injustice of different ethnic groups being treated differently by society.

■ Households of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, black, mixed and other backgrounds were more likely to receive income-related benefits and tax credits than those in other ethnic groups.

That suggests that over the course of a year, white employees are raking in around £4,000 more each than non-whites.

■ Around two out of three white British householders owned their homes compared with just two out five householders from all other ethnic groups combined.

75 per cent of white adults are legally allowed to drive - but only 60 per cent of Asian Brits and 52 per cent of blacks hold a valid licence.

Some BAME groups are more likely to live in overcrowded housing, to grow up in persistent poverty, to be stopped and searched by police than white British people and less likely to earn as much per hour, or to own their homes.

The report published by the Government showed widely varying outcomes in areas including education, employment, health and criminal justice between Britain's white and ethnic minority populations.

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Mr Ali said: "The statistics on the new Ethnicity Facts and Figures website show just how hard it is for people from less privileged backgrounds to improve their circumstances in Britain today, but they don't tell us anything new".

While 85% of white people reported a sense of belonging, 84% of Asian respondents and 81% of black people also agreed to strong feelings of Britishness.

Just over one fifth of white people in the region are categorised as economically inactive compared to more than one third of other ethnic groups.

Mrs May, who commissioned the audit soon after becoming PM previous year, has faced criticism that it describes the problems faced by Britain's ethnic minorities but does not include proposals to solve them.

Government will have to explain or try to change inequalities revealed by report on race, PM Theresa May says.

Following the report, ministers will tackle 20 "hotspots" where ethnic minority people are more likely to be unemployed, which could include mentoring, traineeships and offering English, maths and vocational training alongside work placements.

"People who have lived with discrimination don't need a government audit to make them aware of the scale of the challenge".

She will say "these issues are now out in the open" and that the collection of data provides "definitive evidence" of the challenges the United Kingdom still faces to "build a country that works for everyone".

"While we welcome the publication of this data, and the Prime Minister's commitment to "explain or change" the disparities it highlights, this must now be accompanied by the resources and action necessary to make a real difference".

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