Microsoft Brings Spotify to Groove Music, Discontinues Music Purchases

Microsoft Brings Spotify to Groove Music, Discontinues Music Purchases

Microsoft announced yesterday that the company is killing its music streaming service Groove Music Pass.

In its blog post announcing the changes Microsoft talks up the quality and quantity of music offered by Spotify.

On the Groove Music front, the service has always faced an uphill battle given the already crowded space of big players like Spotify, Pandora, Apple and other well-entrenched competitors.

Microsoft and Spotify worked together on Windows 10 app and Xbox app of Spotify. Once signed in you will see a popup about the "important news" above. If you are not, create a Spotify account to continue with the migration.

If you want to download Spotify, there are three separate apps, including ones for Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, and Windows Phone 8 or higher.

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Also be sure to download any tracks you've purchased to your devices before December 31 to ensure you'll still have access to your music following this transition. If you're a Groove Music Pass subscriber eligible under Spotify's terms and move your music to Spotify before January 31, 2018, you'll receive 60 days of Spotify Premium for free. What do you think about Microsoft shuttering the service and offering to migrate users to Spotify? Users of Groove Music have been made a request to relocate every one of their playlists and accumulations to Spotify.

There are still many other streaming music applications in the Windows Store.

The decision leaves Microsoft as the only major platform owner to not have its own music service.

According to the Music Consumer Insight Report, in August 2017 YouTube received 1.3 billion visitors who came specifically for streaming music - although most of these listeners aren't subscribers.

What happens to purchased music after December 31, 2017? There were sightings past year of a "Groove Music Maker" application, which could be similar to Apple's Garage Band. As part of the transfer, content that has been purchased on the Groove Music Pass along with playlists can be moved across to Spotify before the termination date.

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