Razer teases it's "biggest unveiling" coming November 1st

Razer teases it's

Razer today teased a big event for November 1st, just two days ahead of the release of the iPhone X. The company teased the big unveiling with the tagline "Watch".

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said a few weeks ago that his firm would introduce a smartphone before end of 2017.

"One of the most hotly rumored things about Razer is that we're coming up with a mobile device". We talked about how Razer is in the gaming business and how the companies products are targetted at hardcore gamers.

However, more RAM doesn't necessarily translate into better performance, it really depends on how well the entire device has been optimized and that we'll only know when Razer's first smartphone is launched.

We won't have to wait until November to learn about Razer's upcoming smartphone... that is, if details from a recent benchmark run prove accurate.

The company has also recently bought Nextbit, a company which made cloud-based smartphones, indicating its interest in the smartphone market.

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Though the tweet does not explicitly mention that a smartphone is on its way, the image with which the teaser has been posted pretty much confirms the speculation.

Ever since Razer acquired Nextbit, it was basically confirmed that a Razer phone was on the cards.

There's also been more concrete evidence that Razer is leveraging its Nextbit purchase into a smartphone play.

Razer Lancehead, a mouse gaming versatile and effective? Back in 2013, Razer unveiled the Razer Edge gaming tablet.

Nextbit Robin (Credit: Tom's Guide) The Robin may offer some clue as to the Razer phone's feature set.

It's likely the company killed off support for the Robin to be able to concentrate on its own device.

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