Mobile kills unlimited data usage when traveling to Canada and Mexico

Mobile kills unlimited data usage when traveling to Canada and Mexico

For example, T-Mobile limits the amount of guaranteed full-speed LTE data its subscribers can use during a billing period to 50GB.

T-Mobile has announced its latest Uncarrier initiative which is called "Mobile without Borders", the company is doing away with extra call charges across North America. The company T-Mobile unveiled that from November 12, it will bind the unlimited LTE data to 5 GB monthly at the time of traveling to U.S. neighbors. You won't keep running into overages (this is T-Mobile), however, you'll need to manage with speeds as low as 128 Kbps on the off chance that you go over your fast allotment.

Rather than being able to enjoy unlimited 4G LTE while roaming to those countries, customers will now have a limit of 5GB of LTE data.

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If you really need more than that data, you can still purchase high-speed global LTE data for an additional $25.

Starting in November, there will be a new limit added to the carrier's T-Mobile ONE and T-Mobile ONE Plus plans. It's not entirely clear what "beyond the intent of the product" means, but it's clear T-Mobile is cracking down on a specific type of customer. Once the 5GB limit is used, customers will still get unlimited data, but it will throttled to "Simple Global speeds", which is about 128Kbps.

Only 1% Users Affected With This Plan - T-Mobile Mobile Without Borders is an incredible benefit and allows customers to stay connected when traveling in Canada and Mexico. Also, those with capped plans can no longer use their Data Stash while in Canada or Mexico (though any unused data will carry over). One of them, however - free unlimited LTE data for travelers to Canada and Mexico - is getting eliminated and replaced with a capped LTE allowance.

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