Uranus visible from Earth: how to spot the ice giant

Uranus visible from Earth: how to spot the ice giant

The planet reached opposition on October 19, meaning it was directly opposite the sun, bringing it closer and brighter to earth.

As you can imagine, thousands of tweets were posted with jokes about being able to see the planet Uranus.

Uranus is 4 times wider than Earth.

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The planet will be about the same brightness as an average star, writes the Daily Mirror, but it's famous blue-green hue should make it easier to spot. In perspective, if Earth was the size of a nickel, Uranus would be about as big as a softball, according to NASA. Tonight, Uranus will be as close to our own planet as it gets, at an incredible 1.7 billion miles (it's 200 million miles further away when it's as far away from us as it gets).

If it feels like there's always something celestial going on in the skies above in lately, that's because there has been and this time Uranus is making its debut. That will mean a stunning view of the Orionid meteor shower this weekend, but it will also offer stargazers an excellent view of the planet Uranus. Because of its closeness, as well as because of the light that the sun will reflect onto the planet, Uranus will be even clearer when viewed from a telescope or even a pair of binoculars.

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