'Stranger Things' Star Takes Action Against Sexual Assault Allegations In Hollywood

'Stranger Things' Star Takes Action Against Sexual Assault Allegations In Hollywood

"When I was 21, Tyler Grasham repeatedly harassed me about my sexuality, and forcibly implied he could "protect me" if I joined his roster, ' he tweeted, adding that the agent told him if he didn't comply his career 'may be derailed".

"I hope the light that's shed by the newly empowered victims who are coming forward, makes predators think twice". I didn't do anything at the time. In the post Lipman alleged that ten years ago Grasham gave him alcohol while underage, and sexually assaulted him. "His name is Tyler Grasham, an agent at APA Agency". Two men have come forward alleging that Grasham assaulted them.

'My phone was left at his house charging so I couldn't even leave if I wanted to.

'APA takes these allegations extremely seriously and is investigating this matter, ' a spokesperson for APA told The Hollywood Reporter. This reportedly followed Wolfhard's decision to file a police report with the LAPD on Friday. It must have been a pretty quick investigation, because it announced he had been "terminated, effective immediately" in only a few hours' time.

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In addition to Wolfhard, who also starred in the recent hit It, Entertainment Weekly reports that Descendants star Cameron Boyce has also fired Grasham.

The industry protects its own. If you claim you didn't, I lovingly ask you to pull your head out of your ass because your faux surprise serves no goal except to ease your own embarrassment for standing in silence.

We shrugged and we kept going because we all want to get our movies green-lit, or to get hired for that next show, or for our clients to book that next job.
"The conversation has moved on to the size of this epidemic and how to dismantle the system that protects these predators".

Lipman observed that his disclosure could be seen as a positive outcome of the Weinstein scandal, which is "no longer about Harvey". "Remember", he wrote, "the Grashams and Weinsteins are a small component of the problem".

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