Konami teases Metal Gear Survive announcement for tomorrow

Konami teases Metal Gear Survive announcement for tomorrow

Konami have announced the release date for Metal Gear Survive. However, gamers from the United Kingdom and European Union will get it two days later on February 22. Pre-ordering the game offers the Survival Pack, which comes with four gold-plated weapons, two gestures, four survival scarves, "Kabuki" face paint, a "Boxman" accessory, and a Mother Base nameplate.

The Metal Gear Survive release was originally planned for 2017 but the launch was put off until 2018 as the development team needed some more time to polish the game.

Metal Gear Survive is a bit different from the other Metal Gear games, and picks up from where Ground Zeroes ends, creating a binding and interesting diversion from the core gameplay. The following is a list of the best moments when creators clearly trolled their fan bases all for the sole objective of pulling a fast one on us.

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The majority of the fans weren't happy, so many thought that Konami had changed their mind when the game disappeared off the radar a couple of months later.

Original story, October 24: Some kind of announcement is coming for Metal Gear Survive tomorrow, according to the official Metal Gear Twitter account. One of the reasons why success of the spin off is a little doubtful is that the game does not have the involvement of long-time series director Hideo Kojima, who is now working on some project for Sony's PS4.

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