Man trapped in gas station cooler stays overnight, drinks beer

Man trapped in gas station cooler stays overnight, drinks beer

A Wisconsin man was arrested Wednesday after he spent the night drinking beer and malt beverages in a convenience store cooler.

Van Ert drank 3 cans of Four Loko and a 18oz Icehouse Beer while in the cooler, according to the police report.

"The lights go out in the cooler overnight, so no one saw him until a customer tried to get into the cooler just before it opened at 6 a.m.", Gramza said. Staff at the store also say the man toppled and damaged three 30-packs of beer.

"Most people would try to get out when locked in a 40-degree cooler with shorts on, but he just made a decision to hang out and drink a few beers", Gramza told McClatchy. The employees opened the door and the man left without paying for the beer, according to the report.

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Van Ert was later arrested and charged with retail theft and is being held in the Wood County Jail on a probation hold from a different case that required him to stay sober. The local ABC affiliate WAOW reports that Van Ert is now behind bars at a local jail on probation hold from an unrelated case that required him to stay sober. The cooler has a glass door and, if the man had knocked, employees would have heard him and let him out.

Gramza said in his 20 years in the police field, he hasn't seen anything like this.

Kwik Trip management said they would be reviewing their security after the incident, WAOW reported.

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