Undeterred By Deadly Attack, New Yorkers Celebrate Halloween In Style

Undeterred By Deadly Attack, New Yorkers Celebrate Halloween In Style

The New York Marathon will be held as planned on Sunday despite the truck attack that left eight dead in Lower Manhattan, the mayor said Wednesday.

After a terrorist drove a truck onto a bike bath in downtown Manhattan yesterday, killing at least 8 people and injuring dozens others, New Yorkers responded in the only way they know how: keep on livin'.

The NYPD and Federal Bureau of Investigation are still investigating Tuesday's attack. He said security will be heavily stepped up for the race involving more than 50,000 runners.

Officials said that the New York's 44th annual Village Halloween Parade will still take place despite the attacks, but there will be a heavy police presence. Live your life, don't let them change us or deter us in any manner, shape or form'.

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"There's no reason to have any undue anxiety", Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Sand trucks will be rolled out along the route before the 7pm kickoff time for the parade.

"Tonight we're at a Halloween parade to say you didn't win and you didn't affect us", Cuomo told CNN's Anderson Cooper. It speaks well of New Yorkers that we did not cancel the Village Halloween Parade, an event that (in the past, anyway, when it was more outré and less domesticated) constituted a thumb in the eye of the fundamentalism and fear that inspire attacks like yesterday's. "We're out and we're celebrating and we're doing what New Yorkers do".

President Trump acknowledged the attack on Twitter, describing the perpetrator as a "sick" individual.

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