Intel and AMD Combine Forces for New Processor

Intel and AMD Combine Forces for New Processor

One of them is what impact this will have on Intel's own integrated graphics, along with AMD's mobile APUs. The new pairing hopes to target gamers looking for high-end performance on newer thinner and lighter laptops. And AMD has a new class of chips out now that could erode Intel's position in the PC and data center sectors.

Laptops using this new chip could give manufacturers a significant boost in power while dedicating more space to other components or slimming devices down.

"We recognized an opportunity: thinner, lighter, more powerful enthusiast mobile platforms that deliver a premium experience", Intel's Christopher Walker explains. "Balancing power between our high-performing processor and the graphics subsystem is critical to achieve great performance across both processors as systems get thinner".

The gaming segment is one of the bright spots in the otherwise boring and declining PC market, and this is where the Intel-AMD partnership will make the greatest impact.

The processor package incorporates an 8 Generation Core H-Series processor, AMD's Radeon Vega GPU and HMB2 memory.

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The rival chip manufacturers have announced a partnership that will see Intel produce a chip that combines an Intel CPU with an AMD graphics chip.

The partnership between AMD and Intel looks to break this trend, while allowing for gaming laptops to be ultrabook thin; so far only the Razer Blade can be seen as a slim gaming laptop. The spokesman said the Intel chip is targeting gamers while the chip AMD is launching by the end of the year isn't specialized to support that market specifically.

"Our collaboration with Intel expands the installed base for AMD Radeon GPUs and brings to market a differentiated solution for high-performance graphics", said Scott Herkelman, vice president and general manager, AMD Radeon Technologies Group.

This mashing together of an Intel processor, AMD graphics, and HBM2 memory is made possible thanks to an Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), which is an intelligent bridge that allows information to swiftly pass through between the discrete pieces of silicon. Nevertheless, Intel did pointed out that the new processor is combination of Intel Core H-series CPU together with a semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU. Is Intel really working with its competition? The goal is to deliver driver updates for new games on the day they are released, or shortly before, just as AMD and Nvidia now do with their gaming graphics products.

We will come to know more about PCs based on this new Intel technology in the first quarter of 2018.

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