Google Is Adding Restaurant Wait Times to Search Results

Google Is Adding Restaurant Wait Times to Search Results

The addition is an expansion on Google's existing feature which shows businesses' busy times, but with a tweak that helps diners better decide where and when they want to eat.

If you're planning a few days ahead you can swipe left or right to see estimated wait times for every day that the restaurant is open. So not only will you be able to see the times a restaurant is busy or if it might be busier than usual at the moment, you'll also know just how long you might have to wait for a table should you show up. This could come in particularly handy for those bars and restaurants that don't take reservations (looking at you, Monk's).

For a while now, Google Search has displayed a "popular times" widget for various businesses which could give a vague idea of whether you'd have to wait for a table at a restaurant, or if that one bar will be so crowded you won't be able to breathe.

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When this feature is available, all you have to do is search for the business name to find current wait times.

Google says the feature begins rolling out today, and once live, you'll see the times in the restaurant listings on both mobile and desktop.

There's no word on when this feature will roll out, and we're also unsure if it will launch at the same time across Maps and Search. Tap the hour bars on the page to see wait times at other times of the day, too. Yes, it's an opt-in feature, and yes, you've probably opted-in, because it makes Maps and Search a lot more useful.

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