US Commerce Secretary says Trump-Xi talks will address trade imbalances

US Commerce Secretary says Trump-Xi talks will address trade imbalances

US President Donald Trump has tweeted energetically throughout his Asian tour so far, but in China he will likely be one of a select few to skirt the country's ban on his cherished website.

And he was welcomed with open arms: Trump's reception in the Chinese capital on Wednesday was complete with Chinese schoolchildren on the tarmac waving US and Chinese flags and others later uttering "I love you" to the US President. And during tea time, Trump and Xi bonded over video clips of Trump's granddaughter singing and reciting ancient poems in Chinese.

During last year's election campaign, Trump was a critic of China, but since becoming President - and especially since meeting with President Xi in April - he has softened considerably, toning down his rhetoric which once called for harsher trade and economic policies towards Beijing.

Ulyanov also criticised the Trump administration for putting at risk the nuclear agreement with Iran, saying the pact was virtually doomed to collapse if the U.S. walks away from it. Trump last month disavowed the 2015 accord to curb Iran's nuclear program that was negotiated between Tehran and the U.S., Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and China.

While Trump condemned the authorities, he also made overtures to leader Kim Jong-un, who has overseen rapid advances in its weapons technology.

The president and first lady Melania Trump were greeted at the airport by dozens of children who waved USA and Chinese flags and jumped up and down.

"Without China doing what they need to do we're not going to get to a peaceful solution to this problem", a senior USA official said.

"On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and I, THANK YOU for an unforgettable afternoon and evening at the Forbidden City in Beijing, President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan". But Trump, who has belittled the press back home, has shown little inkling for confronting Xi on the issue despite having once boasted that he was the world's most-followed politician on social media.

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China poured on the pomp and pageantry for Trump's arrival.

"China had to realize that Trump needed to learn about China", he says, "and during this learning process, we had to stay cool and patient". The US president's visit comes amid the increasing threats from North Korea, a troubled geopolitical ally of China.

But the presidency has a way of bringing uncomfortable realities crashing down on the most powerful person in the world, like the undeniably intertwined fates of the United States and Chinese economies.

It would have to begin, though, with the North stopping ballistic missile development, Trump said, and "complete verifiable and total denuclearisation". "Why not?" the White House official said. China is North Korea's largest trading partner and Trump is expected to demand that the nation curtail its dealings with Pyongyang and expel North Korean workers from its borders.

"But if you're the president you should be able to do it. Donald Trump can not live without Twitter", Gong said.

Analysts say there is a perception in China that ensuring a good personal rapport between the two leaders would be key to resolving structural impediments. He merely wanted to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip to get better terms of trade with China.

Hours after calling North Korea a "cruel dictatorship" during a speech to South Korea's parliament, Trump wrote that Pyongyang "has interpreted America's past restraint as weakness".

But, he stressed, "this issue can not be solved all by China's self".

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