Apple just pushed an iOS update to fix that "I" autocorrect bug

Apple just pushed an iOS update to fix that

We have covered the iOS 11.1 keyboard autocorrect issue which has been plaguing a vast number of users.

The update also addresses an issue where the "Hey Siri" feature occasionally stops working. Here's a look at the most important new iOS 11.1 features and iOS 11.1.1 fixes. It is available now and on the latest iOS 11.2 beta update. The new feature comes with the latest developer preview and will be available to the masses in the USA through iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2. Henceforth, if you're someone who has been facing the keyboard autocorrect issue, be sure to update to iOS 11.1.1 in order to fix it. However, the bug was too irritating, causing Apple to release iOS 11.1.1.

Apple is secretly working on an AR headset for 2020
As we've seen from other AR developers, minimizing technology to work in an AR headset is still a hard proposition. Some of Apple's competitors, including Microsoft and Google , have already delivered augmented reality headsets.

When you receive money it will automatically be stored on your Apple Pay Cash card. It is also worth noting that while debit card transfers using Apple Pay Cash are free, transfers using credit card charges a nominal fee of three percent. It wasn't possible before as users had to visit via a Mac or PC, but in an updated support document, Apple details how it's now possible on iOS.

As usual, if you haven't yet received the update notification you should go to Settings General Software Update on your iPhone or iPad to initiate the process. Users will be able to send cash to others with their Watch by finding Apple Pay on the Message app.

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