High lead levels found in fidget spinners

High lead levels found in fidget spinners

Fidget spinners are one of the hottest new trends of the year, but ahead of the holiday shopping season, a new report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a consumer advocacy organization, says testing found unsafe levels of lead in some.

Two types of metal fidget spinners, called the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass and the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal, are sold at Target and were found to contain far beyond the legal amount of lead designated safe for products aimed at kids.

The two fidgets spinners in question are the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass which tested for 33,000 parts per million (ppm) of lead and the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal which tested at 1,200 ppm of lead.

Lab reports found two fidget spinners contained high levels of lead, well over the federal legal limit of 100 parts per million. They tested 12 fidget spinners found in children's toy aisles in Target stores across the country. She said many of them had concerning levels of lead. "As a result, the fidget spinners identified are not regulated as toys or children's products and are not required to meet children's product standards".

Target's initial response Thursday, as the report was referenced across national media, was not to pull the products, but to point out that they do not technically violate laws or guidelines for children's toys - the spinners are actually labeled for ages 14 and older.

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The AAP says there is no safe levels of lead in children, pointing to growing evidence that a child's exposure to lead can cause irreversible cognitive and behavioral problems.

U.S. PIRG said when it alerted CPSC about the lead discovery, the agency said the fidget spinners were considered general use products, not toys.

TexPIRG Education Fund asks the public to stop using these two fidget spinners and demand Target take the two fidget spinners off their shelves.

"The reason lead is a large concern - especially in children's products - is that when children are exposed to high levels of lead they can experience things like memory loss, learning disabilities", US PIRG's toxics program director, Kara Cook-Shultz, told CBS News.

"Based on the concerns raised, we're removing them from our assortment", Target spokeswoman Jenna Reck said in a statement to ABC News. "Lead harms the developing brain and is easily ingested through normal hand to mouth behaviors". Both test results were given to the CPSC, Target and Bulls i Toy.

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