Google adds salaries to its job search tool

Google adds salaries to its job search tool

Nick Zakrasek, product manager at Google said the new feature benefits job seekers as well as sites that compile estimated salary information. Now you get that choice right in the Google Jobs interface. You shouldn't have to worry much longer.

Google has announced an entirely new feature wherein the job seekers in the U.S. can find the latest job listings directly through the google search engine with additional info on salary and job-save feature.

The search giant will gather data from Glassdoor, PayScale, and LinkedIn and post an approximate salary range for all job posts, even those that don't specifically include pay details. If a position represents a big raise, you'll know very quickly. One such filter lets you choose a location and limit job search to a specific city.

This isn't restricted to third-party recruitment platforms that have specifically partnered with Google, any company that lists salary information, including specific figures and estimates, can tweak their web pages so that they're included in job search results.

Lastly, Google is going to let you save job listings.

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Google wants to make it easier to find your ideal job.

"Salary information has been one of the most requested additions from job seekers", Zakrasek said in a post on Google's Webmaster Central blog November 15. A new location filter option is now available that gives you the option to set a distance range or spread out to "anywhere".

Additional search features include the ability to choose which job search engine to use to apply for a job when a position is listed across multiple sites such as CareerBuilder or Monster. With a bookmark button alongside each posting, saving is as simple as a single tap. The feature, which will be released in the coming weeks, will put all saved jobs into a separate tab that can be accessed from any device.

Based on the feedback from job seekers, it has made some improvements to the feature. You can also post your job listing on a list of sites (like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor, among others) already integrated with Google's job searching service to avoid the hassle of integration yourself.

Have you used Google's job search tool?

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