German police defuse bomb near Christmas market

German police defuse bomb near Christmas market

They later tweeted that the device had been defused.

A Christmas market in the German city of Potsdam has been evacuated after an explosive device was found close by.

Potsdam police said X-rays had shown wires, nails and batteries inside the package, but that no detonator had been found. Police were called and the area was evacuated.

The package - which was delivered by courier to a pharmacy on the same street as the market - was later destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Brandenburg state Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schroeter told reporters the powder will be analyzed.

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Police warn that there may be more such packages in the area.

On December 19th, 2016, a failed Tunisian asylum seeker and Islamic State sympathiser, Anis Amri (24), stole an articulated lorry and ploughed into booths in the market. The incident left 12 people dead and dozens more injured.

Germany is on high alert for potential terrorist attacks almost a year after a Tunisian Islamist hijacked a truck, killed its driver, and rammed the vehicle into a Christmas market in nearby Berlin, killing 11 more people there.

Security has been stepped up at all markets across Germany ahead of that anniversary, and the looming first Advent weekend. It lies about 40 kilometers southwest of Berlin.

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