Tesla Switches on World's Biggest Lithium Ion Battery

Tesla Switches on World's Biggest Lithium Ion Battery

The 100-megawatt (MW) battery, which is the world's largest, was built by Tesla in rural South Australia after Musk wagered a bet that he could built it in 100 days or the state would receive it for free. Chief executive Elon Musk had promised his company would develop the project within 100 days of contracts which were signed at the end of September.

Neoen deputy CEO Romain Desrousseaux said: "We would like to acknowledge the efficiency, support and vision of the South Australian Government to bring the state to the forefront of global energy storage technology". Tesla's battery farm is tied into Neoeon's Hornsdale wind farm, which is several hours north of Adelaide.

The launch comes after the battery was put under a regulatory testing period that examined the battery's ability to charge to, and from, Australia's National Energy Market and it's ability to act as a generator.

One of Tesla's biggest rivals in the field is Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems, as its e-storage complex, twice as big as Tesla's, will be set up in South Korea early next year.

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The world's biggest lithium-ion battery has plugged into an Australian state grid, an official said Friday, easily delivering on Tesla Inc. chief executive Elon Musk's 100-day guarantee.

The battery farm is part of a 550 million Australian dollar ($420 million) plan announced in March by Weatherill to make the state independent of the nation's power grid. South Australia, of course, is no stranger to power outages, as blackouts left much of the area without power last summer.

The efficient battery system will be the sustainable, effective energy solution, according to Tesla, because, South Australia has the highest electricity prices in the world. Kathpal, who is also chairman of the U.S. Energy Storage Association, has said that investing so heavily in energy storage is an important piece of Australia's continued commitment to renewable energy.

Over the past year and a half, South Australia has been hit by a series of blackouts.

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