Apple has started selling an unlocked iPhone X from its online store

Apple has started selling an unlocked iPhone X from its online store

Apple on Tuesday began offering an unlocked (SIM-free) variant of its high-end iPhone X flagship to US customers online and in-store.

The high price tag of the iPhone X remains for the unlocked models: a 64GB device costs $999 while the 256GB model costs $1,149.

As 9to5Mac reported yesterday, Apple is now offering the option to buy the tenth-anniversary handset without a carrier. You'll need to get a SIM from your carrier, but your iPhone X won't be locked to their service.

The iPhone X earned an "excellent" rating in PCMag's review, nabbing props for its "updated design", "powerful processor", "excellent screen", "first-of-its-kind augmented reality front camera", and-of course-its ability to create animoji. With a model like this, the owner can swap out their SIM with one from a different carrier and use it on the same phone without worrying about whether it is compatible.

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Just over a month after the iPhone X debuted, Apple is now selling carrier-agnostic models of the iPhone X.

Apple is now offering the unlocked, SIM-free version of its anniversary phone to fans in the U.S. who haven't decided on a carrier - but there's still a one-month waiting period.

Now, if you find the iPhone X on Apple's website, you'll have the option to buy either a GSM or CDMA version of the phone that works with either AT&T and T-Mobile or Verizon and Sprint.

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