Word, Excel, Outlook to get cool AI-powered features this month

Word, Excel, Outlook to get cool AI-powered features this month

This month, we also announced the preview of Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 devices-a freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together.

When it comes to search engines, Bing still stands in the shadow of Google.

The example given was cholesterol - when asking in Bing whether it is bad, the search engine can provide results with different perspectives, helping users make informed opinions and get well-rounded info. The company said that the application can now use computer vision to recognise more complex characters and even spot colours. The latest update will now allow users to isolate an item in a photo and search for that specific item on the web. For example, if you are booking event tickets, Cortana will automatically suggest adding the event details to your calendar.

Next up, Word is getting a new feature called Acronyms. A result of the Healthcare NExT initiative, this project will supposedly empower Microsoft's healthcare partners in creating healthcare virtual assistants.

Trump to send astronauts back to moon
Under the directive, the US Government is also expected to work closely with other nations and private industry. Bush, also proposed new missions to the moon and Mars, but budget constraints hindered their plans.

For Office 365, Excel will use machine learning to analyze data and show trends via pivot tables and charts, the release said. The CM Launcher with Cortana integration is now available in beta.

Android users will also be able to run Cortana as a launcher soon, both on its own and in a partnership deal with Cheetah Mobile. As machines get better at reading and summarizing paragraphs, users expect not just a list of links but a quick and authoritative answer, said Harry Shum, who leads Microsoft's 8,000-person research and AI division. Acronyms will scan through documents and emails and provide definitions for terms that have previously been defined. This feature will be rolling out first in Word Online for Office 365 commercial in 2018 and mainly depends on scanning emails and documents in order to work. The company has made a decision to expand this set of AI-powered tools by bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile app to help users better manage their schedules throughout the day.

Microsoft is adding new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to its Office 365 productivity suite aimed at simplifying complicated Excel spreadsheets, demystifying corporate Jargon and ensuring that its users never miss a meeting again. Now the app will send a notification which includes directions before appointments that will take driving conditions and real-time traffic information into account.

Earlier this year, we introduced the ability for OneDrive and SharePoint to automatically recognize the content within images and detect whiteboards, screenshots, receipts, and more. This functionality is now only available in English and will be available for all Office 365 commercial subscribers by the end of December.

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