Gov. Rick Scott lights up state Christmas tree

Gov. Rick Scott lights up state Christmas tree

Packer said that, nationwide, the majority of the Christmas trees for sale are grown in Oregon, Washington State and North Carolina.

Juan Crespin moves his inventory of Christmas trees being sold at Santa's Garden in Miami on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017.

He said that the US averages 200 fires a year that stem from Christmas trees, and of those, 16 deaths annually are reported. "We received all the trees that we had ordered".

Firefighters warn that even LED lights, which are typically much cooler, can spark a fire if the tree is dried out. The results were catastrophic for tree-growers in OR and Washington states, although those in MI and North Carolina have felt it, too.

"When you get a tree, make sure you're picking one that's wet when you get it".

Always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.

- Take the tree outside when needles start turning brown and dropping.

A study conducted by Forest Products Laboratory in the United States concluded that the best way to hydrate Christmas trees was to leave them standing in a container of plain water, and to regularly top it up.

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What happens to the tree after the presents have been opened is another factor to consider. Droves of Bay Area families flock back, year after year, to partake in a lively, charitable tradition: picking out out a tree from the Guardsmen, who donate a large portion of the proceeds to help at-risk youth in San Francisco.

So which one has the greater environmental impact?

Unsuccessful tree hunters could go native this season and decorate an areca palm instead.

"Over the course of time, there is a break-even point", Paddock said. A typical 8-foot tree would take six to eight years to hit the market.

If getting a fake tree isn't an option, the chief says just don't keep it in the house for too long.

Either way, the environmental impact is not particularly significant in the grand scheme of things.

"I love the fact that we created this farm", Kelly Kinsey said.

Once the holiday is over, acclimate the tree to moving back outside by placing it in the sheltered porch or garage for a few days.

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