WH Poised to Make Cuts in 'Security Assistance' for Pakistan

WH Poised to Make Cuts in 'Security Assistance' for Pakistan

Pakistan is firmly supporting and facilitating the US -led worldwide efforts in Afghanistan through "vital lines of communications" for smooth counterterrorism operations in the neighboring country, according to the statement.

Washington has confirmed it will withhold $255 million in US military aid to Pakistan this year, a threat it issued last August when Trump announced his Afghan policy, which took aim at neighboring Pakistan and demanded an end to Islamabad's alleged support for the Afghan Taliban.

"We are driving Pakistan into China's arms. The Chinese want, and are getting, important ports for their expanding navy to use in the Indian Ocean, as well as economic ties", Prof Charles Tiefer, who teaches law at the University of Baltimore, wrote in Forbes magazine.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif told the Pakistani television network Geo on Monday that "Trump is disappointed at the US defeat in Afghanistan and that is the only reason he is flinging accusations at Pakistan".

The heated remarks follow a New York Times report on Friday that the USA might continue withholding $255 million in aid to Pakistan.

Islamabad has rejected the allegations, emphasising its contributions and sacrifices in the fight against terror.

Mosharraf Zaidi, former advisor to the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in local reports that Pakistan's land route is still important for the USA operations in Afghanistan as it has opted for troops surge.

"The Coalition Support Fund (CSF) was meant for the war in Afghanistan".

At the same time, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has welcomed Trump's critical remarks about Islamabad and its anti-terror policy.

Shah reportedly called for Pakistan to review its relationship with the United States. A country of 200 million, nuclear and so on.

Trump had reasoned that the U.S. is "starting to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders".

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"And in each country that I have named, Pakistan becomes a vital factor for the United States, as a key ally or a potential troublemaker", he said. Analysts still rule out a complete breakdown in relations between Islamabad and Washington.

The committee made it loud and clear that Pakistan was firmly supporting the USA -led global anti-terrorism effort in Afghanistan and, as a result of Pakistan's counter-terrorism cooperation, Al-Qaida had been decimated from the region.

Islamabad has warned Donald Trump against endangering US-Pakistani cooperation in Afghanistan, promising a "cold-blooded" response to Washington's aid cut.

"So the strategy should be to really reinforce those elements that America stands for and promotes and President Trump [also] believes in-good governance, accountability, lack of corruption".

"China and Pakistan are all-weather partners".

"The reality is that despite all the attention to this Trump tweet, he was largely saying things he's already said before".

Meanwhile, CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd pointed out that diplomacy is not served well with contradictory messaging. It also said Trump's New Year's Day tweet was "completely incomprehensible". "We have to look as to why questions were raised about" Pakistan.

At the State Department on Tuesday, spokesman Heather Nauert said Pakistan knows what it needs to do, including taking action against the Haqqani network and other militants. "We have a lot of issues in that region".

"The real challenges in Afghanistan were political infighting, massive corruption, phenomenal growth of drug production and expansion of ungoverned spaces inside Afghanistan full of sanctuaries for multiple global terrorist organizations, posing a serious and direct threat to Afghanistan, its neighbors including Pakistan and the entire region", stated Pakistani Foreign office.

At the heart of the recent controversy is years of mistrust between the two countries, with the USA accusing Pakistan of supporting the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network, who are active against the US-backed administration in Kabul.

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