Epic Games will be shutting down Paragon in April

Epic Games will be shutting down Paragon in April

We didn't execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon.

Epic Games has announced it will shut down its free-to-play MOBA game Paragon. We have failed you - despite the team's incredibly hard work - and we're sorry. To be precise, the success of Fortnite: Battle Royale, which has caught the public appetite for Battle Royale-style games whetted by PUBG to such an extent that it now has over 40 million players worldwide. Please Epic, re-consider, killing paragon isn't the right move here so everyone please sign this petition for so that maybe we can somehow convince Epic to change the course of this awesome game.

Epic will be also offering a full refund to every Paragon player for every purchase on any platform. This refund will come directly from Epic rather than your platform provider. It utilized a third-person perspective a little like Smite, but brought to bear a much more streamlined laning experience, as well as gorgeous Unreal Engine graphics and all of the spit and polish you would expect from a AAA Epic Game. You can disable the automatic team-filling option if you don't have any buddies to play with and you're exhausted of being matched up with teammates who never try to revive you even if you're holding your guts in right next to them (yep, still salty over here).

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Now Epic has admitted defeat, confirming on the official Paragon blog that it will close the MOBA on April 26. Consumable items like the new health-and-shield-maxing Chug Jug still spawn as normal so you can heal back up after some bastard on a mountain peak roughly two states away misjudges their shot and just puts a hole in your chest instead of your head.

The studio went on to note that the quality and matchmaking times for Paragon will continue to degrade as the player base dwindles in the run up to the closing date.

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