Kenya: Media blackout ahead of Odinga's banned inauguration

Kenya: Media blackout ahead of Odinga's banned inauguration

"Today's step is one step towards the doing away with electoral autocracy and to establishing proper democracy in our country".

Thousands gathered in Nairobi's Uhuru Park to watch Mr Odinga take the ceremonial oath of office in the face of worldwide pressure and security concerns.

"The illegal government killed us, including little children".

Odinga explained that his running mate KalonzoMusyoka would take his oath at a later date. "Instead his administration has increased the presence of the police and restricted opposition media". But a government threat to block access to the ceremony did not materialize. Property of members of organized criminal groups can be seized.

Kenya's editor's guild said in a statement on Monday that Kenyatta, in a private meeting with journalists and editors Friday, "expressly threatened to shut down and revoke the licences of any media house" that would broadcast live Odinga's protest event.

The Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) only let in the State-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and K24, which is associated with the Kenyatta family.

The lawyer and MP who swore Odinga in - TJ Kajwang - was arrested yesterday afternoon and was being investigated for his role in the ceremony, according to a senior police officer speaking on condition of anonymity. Odinga was later sworn-in in a controversial ceremony, which the government had outlawed, terming the action treasonable.

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Kenya, a key US ally fighting Islamist extremism in the region, is struggling with deep fractures along political and ethnic lines after a disputed presidential election last August and a repeat election in October.

Kenyatta, the incumbent, was declared president after elections were held in early August. Odinga did not run in the second election, claiming voting irregularities, but has since spurred large swells of support. They said the numbers came from the government's electoral servers - an assertion the electoral commission has denied.

"It is also my humble call to NASA that if they must do it they must ensure their supporters do not engage in any violent ways because all of us must respect the rule of law and ensure no Kenyans die". He boycotted a repeat poll on October 25, saying it would not be free and fair.

Though Kenya's last election in 2013 was mainly peaceful, the country plunged into widespread violence in the aftermath of the 2007 vote.

Many hoped Mr Kenyatta would reach out to his rival.

After the Supreme Court decision to annul the August election, Kenyatta called the judges "crooks", accused them of stealing the election and vowed to "fix" them.

Many users on Twitter, presumably non supporters, complained to Twitter that Mr Odinga was impersonating the Kenyan head of state two which they received a standard response that the claims were being investigated.

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