Apple HomePod Now Accessible in US, UK, and Australia

Apple HomePod Now Accessible in US, UK, and Australia

When using Apple Music though, the HomePod can display an impressive level of knowledge.

The HomePod is one of the priciest home speaker models out there, priced just $50 less than the Google Home Max.

Amazon Echo essentially houses Alexa, the personal assistant developed by the huge company.

The voice of Siri also lacks the natural flow of either Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant - among the artificial intelligence systems it still sounds the most robotic. With many speakers and sound systems, there is a zone of perfection.

However, Alexa delivers a more flexible package than either the Google Assistant or Apple HomePod.

However, if you're an Apple Music subscriberor rely heavily on your iTunes music library, this is the only smart speaker that's an option for you right now if you want to control it with your voice.

In answering to your "Hey Siri" vocal commands, Apple's assistant can perform numerous same table-stakes tasks as Amazon's Alexa on Echos or the Google Assistant on Google Home speakers - from setting timers and reminders to informing you of the weather and traffic, turning on smart lights or solving math. What do these home assistants think of each other? Whereas Apple Music and Siri can come up with custom playlists based on songs, artists, or genres you know you like, there's no podcast search.

HomePod's high-excursion woofer - which can travel 20mm, peak-to-peak - makes a key difference compared to other smart speakers; filling the room with deep and resonate audio.

Of course, these devices need to be compatible with Apple's Home service, in the first place. Those homes with more than one Google speaker can utilize them to broadcast a message, which will play across any Google Home device located within your dwelling.

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Brian Chen from the New York Times spent his time with all three main smart speakers: HomePod, Alexa, and Home respectively, and his experience paints quite a picture.

The HomePod is small and sleek in a typically Apple sort of way.

There is no doubt that Google has a big advantage over the other two competitors thanks to its emphasis on searching, and this is indeed reflected in the performance of its system.

The Google Home Max lets users shop using just their voice.

With the Apple HomePod seemingly struggling to compete with the other two speakers on an even footing, it is important to emphasize at this point that this speaker does have its advantages in the Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home war.

"The HomePod sounds great but on the surface, it's debatable whether it's great enough to justify the limitations of its smart features when compared purely on those merits and not as a component of the Apple ecosystem".

There are no bones about it; HomePod is a superb wireless audio speaker.

But Apple Music subscribers with Android phones get shortchanged because Apple Music integration only works when there is a matching iPhone in the same Wi-Fi network.

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