Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists

Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists

You can even filter them by whether your current Steam account balance can pay for them, as per PCGamesN. We know from past Steam sales that recent game launches generally don't get discounts. Not only are there a slew of discounts available, but Valve has also updated the Steam Wishlist with some new features. So now Steam displays the top-ranked tags for each item on your Wishlist.

Other filters include certain price thresholds, operating system support and whether they're on sale or not.

Additionally, there are a now a couple of options created to help temporarily shrink your wishlist by hiding those games that you want to track but that you can't or don't want to buy just yet.

For instance, you now have the ability to filter your wishlist by genre, meaning that you can more easily whittle down your options when you're in the mood to play a specific kind of game.

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At the time of writing the wishlist filters and sorting improvements weren't available to me on the web or via the Steam client app unless I followed the link from the home page banner. On the surface this seemed like a straight-forward request, and in most cases it turned out to work just fine. Tags have been added to the wishlist viewer for all games, and the search option now extends to these tags in addition to game titles.

The changes to the Wishlist come as a result of feedback from users. You won't be allowed to add some games, with multiple versions and purchase options, to the shopping cart and will instead see a button to visit the store page to refine choices further. However, games with alternative options such as a Deluxe Edition or Limited Edition will require the user to click through to the store page to find the right option.

Valve rolled out a new update to Steam's wishlist functionality today, adding a bunch of new ways to advise the UI what you want to see.

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