1st male athlete sues Larry Nassar over alleged sexual abuse

1st male athlete sues Larry Nassar over alleged sexual abuse

USA Gymnastics first became aware that an athlete had expressed concern about a procedure by Larry Nassar in June 2015, which led USA Gymnastics to report Nassar to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and dismiss him from further involvement with USA Gymnastics.

Raisman, an Olympic gold medalist, contends the U.S. Olympic Committee knew or should have known that Nassar was "molesting her and other young athletes" and calling it medical treatment. In the document the 23-year-old athlete alleges the committee 'were aware, at the highest levels of its organization, that Nassar had molested Olympic and National Team level gymnasts who participated with (USA Gymnastics)'.

According to the complaint, Jacob Moore sought treatment from Nassar in April 2016, during which the doctor administered acupuncture to the teenager's "pubic area and in and around his genitalia ostensibly for the goal of treating his shoulder pain".

According to the Associated Press, more than 100 civil suits have been filed throughout the country against Nassar and USA Gymnastics.

After months of urging the USOC and USA Gymnastics to investigate how Nassar's abuse was allowed to continue for so long, the gymnast is now taking them to court and claims they "knew or should have known" about the disgraced former national team doctor's behavior.

In January, the entire USAG board of directors stepped down under pressure from the USOC amid increased public scrutiny stirred up by the 256 girls and women who provided victim impact statements at sentencing hearings for Nassar in MI. Raisman addressed the lawsuit in a statement, NBC reported.

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Raisman's lawsuit, filed in California, states there was insufficient vigilance in preventing the abuse while he was affiliated with USOC and USA Gymnastics.

Here is what Raisman said in a statement about her lawsuit, according to ESPN. He is also serving a 60-year federal term for child pornography convictions. The entire board of USA Gymnastics resigned in January after USOC demanded that they do so and USOC Chief Scott Blackmun resigned Wednesday. The former USA Gymnastics team doctor was jailed earlier this year for abusing athletes under the guise of medical treatment. Nassar was arrested in November 2016, after another victim filed a complaint with Michigan State police and then told her story to the Indianapolis Star.

In a new statement Raisman says she's holding the committee responsible for its poor handling of the massive sexual abuse scandal.

The abuse occurred during competitions and training, at events where the organizations were responsible for Ms. Raisman's safety and making sure that protocols were followed, the lawsuit said.

Even as the Olympic Committee has denied there was any coverup, it has admitted that it "failed' the gymnasts preyed upon by Nassar".

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