North Carolina city releases documents beating

North Carolina city releases documents beating

A former police officer in North Carolina was arrested and is facing assault charges after body camera video appears to show him beating a man for jaywalking.

On Thursday, the Buncombe County District Attorney's Office announced Hickman had been arrested on charges including felony assault by strangulation and communicating threats.

The announcement, which also said no further comment would be forthcoming, comes days after the Asheville Police Department, where Hickman worked at the time of the alleged assault, submitted the results of its investigation into Hickman's actions.

An examination from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which comes notwithstanding a criminal examination by the Asheville police of their own officer, will probably center around infringement of Rush's social equality.

In particular, it was the investigation into Hickman, who's white, that was brought up the most.

In the body camera footage which was leaked to the Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper, Hickman can be seen beating and tasing 33-year-old Johnnie Rush after he was stopped for jaywalking on August 24, 2017.

"I've got two options, I can either arrest you or write you a ticket", Ruggiero says.

Hickman eventually ordered Rush to put his hands behind his back, but Rush backed away and started to run, the video shows.

"(He) thinks it's amusing", Hickman can be heard saying during the chase. "You're gonna get f-- up hardcore".

The pedestrian said he couldn't breathe as Hickman choked him, repeatedly hit him over the head and handcuffed him.

Rush is shown in the footage being put in the back of a police vehicle and paramedics checking his bloodied face and head.

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Rush told the Citizen-Times that Hickman used racial slurs against him as he was being treated for his wounds.

"I beat the sh- out of his head", Hickman said, adding that Rush tried to seize his Taser.

"Motherf--, 4-3 on foot, white male, a black male, white tank top, thinks it's amusing", Hickman says on the video while chasing Rush.

Rush was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, impeding traffic and resisting a public officer.

Body camera footage from officer Chris Hickman, who was with his trainee Verino Ruggiero, shows that Rush said he was exhausted and told officers to stop harassing him, before the situation escalated to an arrest for jaywalking and trespassing on a parking lot.

The documents show a supervisor responded to the use of force against Rush, but did not send the information to superiors immediately.

"I am happy to resign if that will solve the problem", Chief Tammy Hooper said as hundreds of people expressed their frustration during a Citizen Police Advisory Committee meeting at a local community center Wednesday evening, according to the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Asheville police say they received a use of force complaint and removed Hickman from patrol the day after the incident then launched an internal affairs investigation and informed the district attorney.

Asheville police finished an administrative probe in December, concluding that Hickman should be fired.

"The community deserves to know that the City takes Hickman's misconduct seriously, and that APD employees who engage in excessive force will be held accountable".

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