Uber to Stop Testing Self-Driving Vehicles Following Fatal Crash

Uber to Stop Testing Self-Driving Vehicles Following Fatal Crash

In a letter to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the governor said he viewed the video released by Tempe police this past Wednesday of the March 18 accident that killed a pedestrian.

Uber has reached a settlement with the family of a woman killed by an Uber self-driving vehicle, reported Reuters.

Tesla, BMW, Ford-these companies have all been testing self-driving cars for some time now in different environments. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the company wouldn't be reapplying for a permit to test its self-driving cars in California. Uber will reportedly be required to get a new permit and deal with any investigations surrounding the recent crash before continuing tests in the state according to the California DMV.

Uber had been testing its self-driving cars in states across the USA including Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and also in Toronto.

He acknowledged ongoing investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration but said Arizona "must take action now".

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Last week, Boston's government asked self-driving companies operating in the city to halt operations while safety procedures are reviewed. Ducey said he expects public safety to be the top priority for those who operate self-driving cars. Even though video of the accident exists, we're still not sure what caused it - did the car's autonomous driving systems fail in some way, or can this accident be blamed on some other oversight?

Uber said that concerns about having to file disengagement reports were not a factor in its California withdrawal. The ride-hailing service has fought a year-long court battle over its self-driving vehicle unit and put up a fight in late 2016 when it was asked to get a permit; Uber agreed to get one early last year. He stated that he's been driving with Uber less than a year. Executives of companies that supply autonomous vehicle technologies pointedly said their systems were capable of detecting the pedestrian.

Did Governor Ducey allow Uber to test self-driving cars in secret?

The future of Uber's self-driving vehicle program is likely non-existent in California, at least for now.

Within a month of taking over as governor in 2014, Ducey met with Uber representatives and one of his first acts after being elected was to instruct state officials not to chase ride-sharing companies over their failure to follow taxi licensing rules. Three weeks ago, it started a free robot-taxi service for those employees to commute to and from work.

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