Protests Continue Over Stephon Clark in Sacramento

Protests Continue Over Stephon Clark in Sacramento

The woman injured at the vigil is identified as Wanda Cleveland and was released from hospital early Sunday morning, according to the Sacramento Bee. In a news statement, Hampton said "vandals in the crowd" caused "scratches, dents and a shattered rear window" to the sheriff's vehicle, per the Sacramento Bee.

The demonstration on Saturday night followed two weeks of protests over the March 18 death of 22-year-old Stephon Clark, who was shot by Sacramento police responding to a call of someone breaking vehicle windows.

The autopsy shows Clark was shot six times in the back and twice in his side. The sheriff added that the deputy may have been focused on the commotion to his left when he hit Cleveland.

Some Twitter users suggested that the second vehicle had sped up in order to hit a protester and then failed to stop.

Before the accident, Cleveland, a vocal activist at Sacramento City Council meetings, recounted how she felt she was unjustly arrested three years ago for allegedly touching a police officer during a tense meeting.

However, witnesses and cell phone camera footage of the incident tell a far different story from the one being peddled by the Sacramento Sheriff's Department.

On her Facebook page, Cleveland says she is the grandmother of seven and the great-grandmother of two. The incident, which occurred at about 8:45 p.m., is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.

The Rev. Shane Harris from the National Action Network led events and laid out the goals of the event, which he said are to continue Clark's dream of being a good father, to convict the officers that shot Clark and to put direct pressure on Sacramento Police Department to change its foot-pursuit policies.

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"Hit and run! Hit and run!" the crowd chants. Obscenities are hurled, along with a glass bottle, which shatters.

Using a makeshift PA system mounted to a wheelchair, various speakers took the microphone in what amounted to an impromptu rally in the headlights of the waiting cars at the busy intersection.

"Today we come unified to say that the killing of black and brown men in America is the new lynching and we come to shut it down", Harris said. "We don't know these cops, so we fear them". Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant - how many more names do we gotta name?

"We heard it and I instantly knew what it was, " Doulgas, 27, told a reporter.

The death of Clark, a young father of two, was the latest in a string of killings of black men by police that have triggered street protests and fuelled a renewed national debate about bias in the USA criminal justice system.

He, too, took the microphone. Douglas shouted into the mic. "Well, obviously, based on Dr. Omalu's findings and the family's autopsy, it suggests all the bullets were from behind".

"My heart goes out to Stephon's family because nobody can ever understand - you guys can feel our pain, but you will never know until it happens, " she said.

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