Conflict a certainty should United States withdraw

Conflict a certainty should United States withdraw

However, a Syria that is stabilized along terms dictated by Iran goes against USA interests in the region.

Jihadist Islamist fighters quickly filled the military vacuum created by their exit and were able to mount a formidable force capable of defeating the Iraqi military.

The White House said in a statement Wednesday that the war in Syria was coming to a "rapid end", but declined to give more details on Trump's plan to reduce troops in the region. "Let the other people take care of it now", Trump said last week.

Trump startled his advisers by declaring at a rally last week that US troops would "very soon" get out of the country. He moderated his position somewhat as a presidential candidate, saying the US would "probably" have to stay for some time.

The terrorists had been driven from their strongholds, and, according to then-CIA Director John Brennan, they had just "700-or-so adherents left". They point to the creation of Islamic State after his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, pulled out U.S. troops in Iraq in December 2011.

The U.S. relies on ground maneuvers by the Syrian Democratic Forces to flush out IS fighters and expose them to airstrikes, Dillon said.

Trump corrected this catastrophic mistake when he took the gloves off our military and drove the Islamic State from its physical caliphate. Al-Qaeda also has an army there waiting in the wings to replace the Islamic State. Hence it is hard to picture the future of Syria and the region amid this new void if the USA really does withdraw.

"Trump will remember the applause he heard at the OH rally when he said he'd pull the forces back out".

Also on the losing end of Trump's decision to withdraw: Israel. The Trump administration drove the Islamic State from its strongholds by working with Kurdish proxies despised by Turkey.

USA imposes sanctions against Russian oligarchs; govt
Now, the sanctions cover heads of Russian business that refuse to play into Washington's scenario. Both remain in hospital more than a month after being poisoned.

There was no immediate comment from Jaish al-Islam, the rebel group that has held out in Douma as insurgents in other parts of eastern Ghouta have accepted safe passage out to opposition-held areas at the border with Turkey.

That's not all. A US withdrawal would create an Obama-style vacuum that would be filled by Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and the Assad regime.

The NSC meeting coincided with the meeting in the Turkish capital of Ankara between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Turkish President Reccep Tayip Erdogan to discuss the political situation in Syria in the wake of the destruction of ISIS and the military advances of forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Those troops have done their job in routing ISIS from its strongholds in Syria, he says, but now that the ISIS remnants have "evolved back into a traditional insurgent force", there is little such a small deployment can do.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a "tense" phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump, according to two White House officials. If our goal is to protect Israel and constrain Iran, withdrawal from Syria would do the opposite.

In his obsession with doing something-anything-that is different from what Obama did, Trump already has moved in a direction on Syria that is more hawkish rather than more dovish than Obama's policies. He should maintain a USA presence to secure our military's gains, protect our Kurdish allies, keep the Islamic State down and prevent al-Qaeda from capitalizing on the Islamic State's demise. The result could be an Israeli-Iranian war that could devastate Syria, Lebanon and Israel itself.

What would Obama do?

The temptation to declare victory in Syria and withdraw is understandable. Then he should do the opposite.

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