Uber Testing New 911 Service In Denver

Uber Testing New 911 Service In Denver

Apart from this, Uber is also upgrading their driver screening process.

The breach was made public in November 2017, during new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's first week on the job.

Since it began operating in 2009, Uber has been dogged by reports of drivers accosting passengers, including lawsuits alleging sexual assaults.

Khosrowshahi insisted the changes were not exclusively being done to polish the company's tarnished image.

"Helping keep people safe is a huge responsibility, and one we do not take lightly", Khosrowshahi said in a statement.

The CEO at the time, Travis Kalanick, paid hackers $100,000 to hide the attack for more than a year.

A self-driving Uber struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona last month, which occurred in the middle of the night with a driver behind the wheel.

"Early on these tech companies were fairly idealistic for the right reasons", Khosrowshahi said. "As a start, today we're excited to share a series of product updates that give riders more ways to get around without needing a auto, and new ways we're collaborating with cities".

Uber said it would use public records to track that information and make sure people are still eligible to drive for the company. Some said they have had bad experiences in the past.

'Any check is better than no check, ' he said.

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The company is also making strides in improving how it vets its drivers.

Annual reruns: In the past, Uber conducted background check reruns in jurisdictions where required.

It still does not intend to do Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint background checks, saying its check of court records and other databases is robust, fair and 'stacks up well against the alternatives'.

In the revised complaint issued today, the FTC alleges that Uber learned in November 2016 that intruders had again accessed consumer data the company stored on its third-party cloud provider's servers by using an access key an Uber engineer had posted on a code-sharing website. Many sex crimes and traffic violations that could disqualify driver candidates are misdemeanors and not in the database, he said.

Uber plans to add several new safety features this summer. Those are both new features as well, allowing riders to share their ride information with loved ones and the police in the event of an emergency.

The 911 assistance tool lets riders use a single button to connect with an emergency operator and share their Global Positioning System location.

Uber is looking to be virtually a one-stop transportation shopping app, saying on Wednesday it will add new services, including car-sharing and train tickets.

Uber also pledged to share data with cities to bolster mass transit services. She likes the idea of the App.

In order to enhance the system entirely, Uber has partnered with RapidSOS.

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