Google's Tasks app is now available in the Play Store

Google's Tasks app is now available in the Play Store

In addition to the new features for the web, Google is also rolling out some features for mobile as well such as high-priority notifications that will notify you of important messages.

All of these new features will be coming out to regular Gmail users. Those immediately available include smart replies (similar to the Gmail mobile version), the option to snooze emails as in Inbox and a new tool panel on the right side of Gmail's interface for easy access to Tasks (also revamped) and Calendar.

Google's new redesign is also going to add more focus on tasks, and will also integrate Google Keep in the sidebar.

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As we spotted in Google Play services on Monday, this menu makes use of an oval-shaped indicator to highlight what list you are now on.

Confidential mode will also prevent accidental or semi-malicious leaks by disabling the ability to copy text and save pages, working on the basis that if committing a crime is even slightly more hard, people are much less likely to do it. It's like Gmail got a facelift to look cuter. A form of two-factor authentication can be required for some individual emails, which Google says will "protect data even if a recipient's email account has been hijacked". Designed for emails containing sensitive information, the mode allows a sender to set an expiration date for the message, or revoke it entirely. If they're using a different email client, they'll have to click on a link to see your confidential message. The feature suggests one-tap responses by scanning your emails and guessing how you might want to respond. It makes Gmail on the web appear and feel a lot more like an app, though there is no word as to if the change may even show up in the mobile Gmail apps. In order to determine which messages need the users' attention, Google looks at a bunch of signals such as who sent the user an email and if it has got certain content. There are also options to archive, delete or snooze messages with a single click. Some of the new features leaked ahead of time, but the new look hasn't actually been available for people to try out for themselves until now. For those wondering whether the nudge feature will happen for every unreplied mail, Jacob Bank, lead product manager for Gmail, told The Verge that Gmail will not nudge very often,"but when we do, it can save people from making a high-cost mistake". When you create an entry it defaults to your main task list, but you can also set up separate lists to organize things further. All you have to do is type the + sign and start typing until you see the contact information for the person you're looking for.

Google rolled out on Wednesday its biggest redesign of Gmail since 2013. There is also an iOS app, but the App Store listing is not yet live as of publishing. "Confidential mode" also lets you specify whether your recipient will have to type in a passcode they receive separately in a text message in order to read your message.

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