Trump says Israeli revelations prove he is '100% right' about Iran

Trump says Israeli revelations prove he is '100% right' about Iran

"The Americans do not want to suffer the cost of confronting the Islamic Republic and the powerful nation of Iran themselves; they want to make some states in the region shoulder it".

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on his website that the "Americans are trying to put Saudis and some other regional countries before Iran".

"We remain deeply concerned about Iran's risky escalation of threats to Israel and the region and Iran's ambition to dominate the Middle East remains".

"Some countries in the region should know", Khamenei said, "if they face the Islamic Republic, they will certainly lose".

Iran said on Monday cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United States will further destabilize the Middle East, a senior official said, adding that Tehran will continue its presence in the region despite Washington's pressure to limit its influence. "As long as the legitimate governments of the regional countries need our help, Iran will remain in those countries".

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According to Khamenei, Iran is engaging in an "economic and cultural" confrontation with the United States, claiming that the Treasury Department was leading the war against Iran, in a tacit reference to the possibility of imposing new worldwide sanctions if Washington withdrew from the nuclear deal.

Pompeo met earlier with Saudi King Salman for about 15 minutes before heading directly to Israel, Iran's arch-enemy, for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yet on Monday, Iran's deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi hinted that Tehran might leave the agreement first, arguing that it is "no longer sustainable for Iran in its present form, without regard to a US exit".

In Riyadh, Pompeo reassured Saudi Arabia that the United States would exit Iran's 2015 multinational nuclear deal, unless European signatories of the accord "fix" it. If Trump reneges on the deal and reapplies the sanctions lifted in exchange for Iran reducing its nuclear program, the United States would once again apply sanctions against many foreign companies doing business with Iran since the deal took effect.

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