White House tree planted by President Trump and President Macron disappears Video

White House tree planted by President Trump and President Macron disappears Video

The world watched on Monday as the two leaders dug a prime spot together in the South Lawn of the White House and planted the sapling taken from the site of a World War One battle in north-east France where 9,000 USA soldiers died.

An oak tree given to the White House by French President Emmanuel Macron during last week's state visit has gone into "quarantine", officials said.

Emmanuel Macron brought a thoughtful gift to the White House last week: an oak sapling from a World War I battlefield north of Paris.

But the real story, according to a French official, is that the tree is being quarantined per USA customs rules to prevent the spread of foreign disease and parasites.

However, by April 27, the tree had disappeared and been replaced by a discolored patch of grass.

The pair threw dirt onto the newly installed tree, which was brought to the US from Belleau Woods, where thousands of US Marines died during the First World War.

An official in Macron's office said Monday that Trump insisted on holding a symbolic planting ceremony alongside Macron despite the quarantine requirement.

Business Insider reached out to the White House for an explanation and will update this post if we hear back.

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After entering the First World War in 1917, USA forces were instrumental in beating the Germans back on the Western Front in 1918 and liberating France.

An answer has finally emerged: The young tree, which had a plastic bag around its roots when it was planted, was removed prophylactically because of concerns about disease.

Once the conspiracy theories could be tossed aside, it seemed clear that the Trump administration is pretty serious about immigration - even of plants.

President Emmanuel Macron tweeted about the significance of his gift as he and President Trump "planted" the tree.

Macron and Donald Trump symbolically planted the tree together knowing it would be quarantined later.

"Something of a mystery has taken root at the White House", ABC News reported.

As President George H.W. Bush noted on another tree-planting occasion, in 1990, a number of White House trees have historic connections, including an oak tree planted next to the Oval Office by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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