Revolution sweeps Armenian opposition leader into power

Revolution sweeps Armenian opposition leader into power

On the same day, the Armenian parliament voted for Serzh Sargsyan as prime minister.

"I will serve the people of Armenia and the Republic of Armenia", Pashinian declared immediately after the vote which sparked jubilant scenes in Yerevan's Republic Square where tens of thousands of his supporters gathered to celebrate his widely anticipated rise to power.

But governance changes that in tandem bolstered the prime minister's office led to accusations that Mr Sargsyan had manipulated the constitution to cling to power.

The first vote in Parliament took place on 1 may.

The situation in Armenia has been tense since April 13, when protests led by Pashinyan began in Armenia.

Sargsyan resigned after 10-days of demonstrations by protesters who took to the streets of the capital, Yerevan, accusing him of corruption and authoritarian rule.

Numerous supporters are wearing white clothes, symbolizing their hopes that Pashinian's election will bring a new page in Armenia.

Pashinyan, who was one of the main supporters of Ter-Petrosian, became a target for political presecutions and was forced to spend nearly 1.5 years "underground".

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Supporters of Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan attend a rally in downtown Yerevan.

Pashinyan's victory amounts to a peaceful revolution in Armenia, a small nation of around 3 million people squeezed between Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. "Jobs will appear, people will return, corruption will disappear", said demonstrator Tigran Azizian, a 42-year-old worker in the city's subway.

In one of his first moves after parliament elected him as prime minister, Pashinian announced he would visit Nagorno-Karabakh on Wednesday. "And for me, my goal isn't to become prime minister".

"This is a real test case for Russia's politics in the former Soviet Republics", said Chatham House's Broers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Pashinian, who has promised he'll continue close relations with Moscow.

"The Republican Party has made the political decision to support the candidate nominated ... for the sake of stability in our country", said Vahram Bagdasaryan, the head of the Republicans' faction in parliament, in a speech before the vote.

Yet faced with weeks of mass protests, Sargsyan left the premiership on April 23, six days after his election.

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