Nintendo Has "No Plans" For Switch Virtual Console

Nintendo Has

Nintendo is releasing a new charging stand for the Switch that will supposedly make tabletop play much easier.

Nintendo is calling it an "adjustable charging stand" and it's created to make charging and playing more convenient. But one issue that Nintendo hasn't yet addressed is the bad kickstand on the back of the Switch. But sadly this mode had a flaw up until now, which was, while playing the device could not be charged.

The stand is priced at $19.99 in the USA, and will be released on July, 13, 2018.

Nintendo told the Kotaku website on Tuesday that it now has no plans to continue its Virtual Console brand of classic game releases on the Switch console. Other features will include online gameplay, meaning that users will be able to battle players from all over the world, in games such as Splatoon 2, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis, Aces, and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido.

The new Adjustable Charging Stand tries to solve these problems for tabletop fans.

Cloud Saves, NES Games with online and more
Initially 20 games will be included with online functionality for multiplayer - including the likes of Balloon Fight , Dr. Nintendo will also offer a family bundle for $34.99 that allows up to eight people to use the same subscription.

You'll still need to provide your own Nintendo Switch and controller, but it's good to see that Nintendo's offering something so that the fun doesn't stop just because you're not at home.

Nintendo has revealed the eight competitors that will be facing off in its upcoming Smash Bros. for Switch Invitational tournament at E3 2018 next month.

Available on both the Neon and Grey Nintendo Switch consoles, customers can get the deal by entering TDX-RTJK at the checkout.

The accessory will release in the United States on July 13, and at the time of writing doesn't seem to be listed on Nintendo's websites in other regions. This heavy reliance on an external phone and app is baffling, but then again, online gaming isn't really Nintendo's forte. Third-party alternatives can be found for half that price if you're willing to forgo the adjustable nature of the stand, but even some capable of adjustment exist for a reduced price. Unlike the regular, TV-mode dock, the new adjustable stand is going to be a tad more affordable. And $19.99 isn't a awful price to pay, either.

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