Trump says GOP had 'great night' in primaries

Trump says GOP had 'great night' in primaries

This prediction seemed reinforced by a large number of Republican resignations and intents not to seek reelection, including that of Speaker Paul Ryan; and a number of special elections which did not go the way of the president and his party. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), was way up in key states.

LAW: Well, I think mid-term elections generally are a first job review on a president's performance.

CNN's latest poll looks like most others on this measure.

What does all of this spin have in common?

'At least we're going to get some attention, ' he said.

In another OH race, former Obama administration official Richard Cordray, who was head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, easily won the Democratic nomination for governor in Ohio.

In the GOP Senate race, Renacci emerged victorious with 47 percent of the vote. "Maybe the wave is going to skip OH". Rather than backing away from the president, every Republican candidate who won on Tuesday embraced him. Democrats are very enthusiastic, very excited about this election, Republicans somewhat less so. "We still have a lot of work to do this year". But with a chance to pick up a seat that has been Democratic since the Eisenhower administration (when former Klansman Robert Byrd won the seat), the GOP faced the nightmare scenario of blowing that chance, owing to picking an unelectable nominee in the primary.

Renacci, who was the front-runner for the Republican nomination headed into Tuesday's vote, will face Democratic Sen. "If you run a GOTV operation, you run the risk of violating that principle". Trump urged West Virginia Republicans to support either Jenkins or Morrissey.

One precinct in a North Carolina county will accept voters past the statewide closing time for the polls after the location failed to open its doors on time for the primary. In Indiana, 506,492 votes were cast in a three-way Senate primary. Republicans are defending a fragile 51-49 Senate majority, which they are increasingly framing as a last line of defense against a Democratic takeover of Congress.

Myth #2: Democrats are being dragged down by primaries. Manchin, a centrist Democrat who has voted with the Trump agenda more than 60 percent of the time, is clearly not the worst Democrat in the Senate.

Will the GBPUSD crash end after the United Kingdom rate decision?
This fall in inflation was larger than predicted, further strengthening the case against the Bank of England upping rates in May. That would have been the bank's second rate hike in six months following November's, which was the first in a decade.

Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, said Tuesday's turnout doesn't help predict either way whether Democrats will show up in November. After spending more than two decades in the US Army Airborne, with repeated tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ojeda became an Army recruiter based in Beckley before winning a seat in the State Senate in 2016.

"The energy is with the Sanders wing of the party, not the Clinton wing", Bliss told Bruni. Democrat Liz Watson, a former congressional staffer, eclipsed two other candidates with 66% of the vote in Tuesday's primary. "You know, the Republican Party has to be careful about being hijacked by candidates that don't represent the moral values of what we hope the Republican Party is".

Braun will face Sen.

Ojeda previously voted for Trump but says he regrets his decision.

In North Carolina's 9th and 13th districts, Dan McCready and Kathy Manning easily defeated more left-wing candidates, by 66 points and 40 points respectively.

None of these candidates ran on impeachment.

After what has been called a bruising primary, IN businessman Mike Braun finally scraped to the top over two established GOP congressmen - Rep. Todd Roika and Luke Messer.

"My record reflects the strong West Virginia values that most people have", Morrisey said. Joe Manchin in November. Duty and Country PAC, which the party created to meddle in the primary, spent $1.8 million attacking Jenkins.

Blankenship wrote to Trump he believes Morrisey will lose. Even if that trend holds true for Election Day voters, it's unknown whether those voters had been longtime Democratic voters before 2016 or if they were "Kasich Republicans", as the Cordray campaign claims.

Is Ohio a Trump state?

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