Avengers: Infinity War - Gamora Really Dead?

Avengers: Infinity War - Gamora Really Dead?

In order to set the record straight on some of the MCU's mainstays, Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo were quizzed by Huffington Post on the status of a few fan-favorite characters. And it didn't match the $19.5 million opening of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's Snatched over Mother's Day weekend previous year.

Sans no competition from another tentpole, Avengers: Infinity War has topped the box office for three consecutive weekends, a veritable eternity in summer, when Hollywood tentpoles generally open one on top of another. Melissa McCarthy's comedy "Life of the Party" debuted in second with US$18.5 million from 3,656 locations.

If you're a fan or have any interest regarding superhero movies then you've probably made the time to watch Avengers: Infinity War on the big screen.

For those who are yet to come to terms with the climax of Avengers: Infinity War, here's some news - both good and bad. That takes the global total to $1.607 billion, puts the film at No. 5 on the all-time global list, and makes it the highest-grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe release ever, surpassing Marvel's The Avengers' $1.519 billion! Meanwhile, Gabrielle Union's "Breaking In" launched in third with $16.5 million in 2,537 locations.

It's clear that Ms Marvel is one of those films that's on their agenda.

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MGM and Lionsgate's Pantelion Films' release of Overboard dipped just 31% in its second weekend delivering an estimated $10.1 million, pushing the film's domestic cume to $29.5 million after ten days in release.

Well, Marvel's reign of terror doesn't seem to be ending any time soon, as the film has reported massive turn-outs in worldwide markets as well. On Saturday, it became the second-fastest film to cross the $500 million mark at the domestic box office.

The follow-up, Deadpool 2, is due to be released in the United Kingdom on 16 May.

You can view this weekend's full box office results (via Box Office Mojo) below.

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