United States group: N.Korea already dismantling nuclear site

United States group: N.Korea already dismantling nuclear site

Satellite images show that North Korea has already started dismantling the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, potentially a big win for the worldwide community, which has been trying to get this rogue nation to stop testing nukes for years. "Thank you, a very smart and gracious gesture!"

What President Trump has demanded is the total elimination of the country's nuclear program - a process North Korea says is already under way.

North Korea said it will dismantle its Punggye-ri test site between May 23 and 25 in the presence of local and global media.

"We hope North Korea will seize the moment and take the bold steps necessary to lead North Korea to a peaceful and prosperous future". After a half dozens tests over a period of more than a decade, some experts believe that Pyongyang is far enough along in its nuclear weapons development that it no longer has to detonate bombs underground to move its program along.

"This would be a preliminary step toward complete denuclearization", Moon said Monday, according to a transcript provided by his office. "I'm not trying to unify South and North Korea".

And in the event Trump can secure the "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of North Korea", Pompeo said US investment could be possible, with "private sector Americans coming in" to the North to improve its energy, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors.

The secretary said he was "convinced" Kim shared United States goals. However, there are lingering doubts about whether Kim would ever agree to fully relinquish the weapons he probably views as his only guarantee of survival.

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Last month, Kim and Moon pledged to formally end the 1950s Korean War and pursue "complete denuclearisation" of the Korean Peninsula in the first inter-Korea summit since 2007.

"The prospect for North Korea is for it to become a normal nation, to behave and interact with the rest of the world the way South Korea does", he said.

Some experts believe Kim may try to drag out the process or seek a deal in which he gives away his intercontinental ballistic missiles but retains some of his shorter-range arsenal in return for a reduced US military presence in the South.

The meeting between Kim and Moon Jae-in paved the way for talks between the North Korean leader and US President Trump.

Pompeo's remarks come despite the Trump administration's previous emphasis on not following the paths of past USA governments that offered economic aid to Pyongyang, in return for incremental steps to end its nuclear program.

A new test site could be constructed in three to six months, depending on how much labor was thrown at the job, according to Suh Kune Y., a nuclear engineering professor at Seoul National University. Ors simply speculate that base was unusable after last and most potent nuclear test last September.

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