Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

Apple actually has more self-driving cars in testing than self-driving pioneers such as Waymo (51) and Tesla (39), as well as big automotive companies like BMW (12), Toyota (11), and Mercedes Benz (5).

The new figures show that Apple still has the second-largest autonomous-car test fleet in California, which is arguably the epicenter of self-driving vehicle research. In January, Apple increased its self-driving auto fleet ninefold to 27 and to 45 by April this year.

Apple has 83 safety drivers taking part in this project who will be supervising the vehicles. In May, Apple got permits for 10 more self-driving vehicles, according to Mac Reports. Waymo had the largest gulf between its self-driving auto permits and the number of drivers at 51 vehicles and 338 drivers.

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As of now, the DMV has not issued any permits for complete driverless testing because for that to happen, companies must have to have a pre-testing of the vehicles in controlled conditions.

In total, there are 53 permit holders for self-driving vehicles in the state of California. Uber previously operated a sizable fleet of self-driving cars in California, but its testing program has been suspended in the wake of a fatal crash in Arizona. By March of this year, the company had 45 cars on the road. After downsizing the team, Apple made the hard decision to abandon plans to build a auto and focus instead on the core technology behind autonomous driving, e.g. sensors, LIDAR, radar units, AI, and data processing.

Interestingly, only in June 2017, the head of Apple Tim cook for the first time confirmed that his company has a division that develops technology for Autonomous cars.

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