BROWARD COWARD: Officer Who HID During Shooting Gets $8K/Month Pension

BROWARD COWARD: Officer Who HID During Shooting Gets $8K/Month Pension

The pension was calculated based on the thirty-two years he spent with the Broward Sheriff's Office and is based on an average of his five highest-paid years.

The Broward County Sheriff's deputy stationed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who failed to act and engage the killer while the February massacre was ongoing, has begun receiving a massive pension now that he is retired.

Peterson gained national infamy in February after it was revealed he hid outside a school building while one of the largest school shootings in USA history was ongoing.

Public records show that Peterson earned $75,673.72 in base salary plus overtime and other compensation previous year, for a total of $101,879.03. He aims to prevent potential shooters like Cruz from falling "through the cracks" of the education system, the Associated Press reported.

Resource officer Scot Peterson talks during a school board meeting of Broward County, Florida on February 18.

The investigation into the response to the massacre has yet to conclude.

According to a Florida Department of Management Services letter dated March 28, Mr Peterson was found to be entitled to a full pension - despite his behaviour during the incident, CNN reports.

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Scott is being urged by the father of one of the Parkland victims to revoke Peterson's pension.

People are not happy.

Another parent whose daughter was killed in the shooting said it was infuriating to know what Peterson was being paid a monthly pension. "It doesn't change when he looks in the mirror", he said.

"This guy is a disgrace", Pollack told the Sun-Sentinel. "He's a disgrace and a coward".

However, Peterson shouldn't get too comfortable: an ongoing Florida state inquiry into the Broward County Sheriff's Department over their actions during the shooting could force Peterson to forfeit his pension benefits.

He added that instead of Peterson receiving that money, it should go towards scholarships for wounded students or school safety but added, "There's nothing we can do about it".

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