Hawaii volcano blasts spark red alert for avation

Hawaii volcano blasts spark red alert for avation

Dr. Nair says students will still be visiting Hawaii's active volcanoes, but they'll be studying the Kilauea from a distance. "Does that mean that we won't see a much bigger, more explosive event?"

An ash plume from the Kilauea volcano's summit crater on Hawaii's Big Island has risen as high as 12,000ft above sea level, according to monitors.

The US Geological Survey declared a red alert Tuesday due to an "imminent major eruption", but several locals chose to play on like the Bishop from "Caddyshack".

Risky levels of sulfur dioxide gas and other emissions prompted state health officials to urge residents to stay indoors or leave the eastern end of Hawaii's Big Island, which has been ravaged by volcanic activity since May 3.

Kilauea's ash cloud prompted the U.S. Geological Survey to raise the alert level for aviation to red due to risks ash could blow into aircraft routes and damage jet engines.

A flow from fissure 17 that opened up after the volcano in Hawaii.

So far, at least 37 structures - 28 of which are homes - have been destroyed by lava that shot more than 500 feet into the air.

A man drove a cart at a golf course as an ash plume rose in the distance from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island Tuesday

"At any time, activity may become more explosive, increasing the intensity of ash production and producing ballistic projectiles near the vent", the HVO said in a statement.

The Hawaiian County Civil Defense Agency said rock falls and gas explosions from one of the craters on Kilauea had caused the ash plume which was drifting downwind to the southwest. If the lava activity continues into the dry season wildfire potential may increase. "According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory there is no geologic evidence for a tsunami generating quake at this time".

Scientists had expected such explosions by the middle of this month as Kilauea's lava lake fell below the water table.

CNN's Stephanie Elam said her heart started pounding as she approached one fissure.

Scorching lava has already swallowed dozens of homes and vehicles.

"When you move to this volcano, or move to this island, you move into her house", Bersamina said.

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