PGA Tour pro's wife allegedly attacked husband, his mom after bad round

PGA Tour pro's wife allegedly attacked husband, his mom after bad round

"While en route to jail, she stated: "Wait until the [PGA] tour hears about this - you will lose your job" "this is why cops get shot in the face" and 'Wait till I talk with the judge, you will be [expletive] fired over this'".

According to the arrest report, Krista Glover caused multiple lacerations and verbally abused both Hendley and Lucas Glover.

Lucas Glover allegedly said that his wife "acts this way and starts altercations all the time".

In the 911 audio, Krista Glover calls the police and states that her mother-in-law assaulted her. An arrest report also accuses Krista Glover of telling her husband when he plays golf tournaments that "he better win or her and the kids would leave him and he would never see their kids again".

The alleged incident happened in front of their kids and Lucas's mother, who tried to intervene.

Lucas released a statement via Twittter which read: On May 21, my wife and mother were involved in an argument to which police were called.

Lucas Glover, who dropped out of the tournament Saturday after shooting a 78, said the incident began with a bad round of golf. With 80 players making the original 36-hole cut, rules required that only the top 70 plus ties advanced to the final round.

The officer also said that the golfer informed him that his wife had done this before.

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The couple were married in 2012 have two children, a five-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. Neither Lucas or his mother required attention from paramedics.

When deputies arrived, they allegedly found Krista and Lucas arguing on the porch. "She's locked herself into the room, and she attacked us".

Krista, the report noted, had no visible injuries.

He allegedly told officers that Conley Glover had been "drinking throughout the day", and that whenever he plays poorly, she calls him a "p-y" and a "loser". Lucas is the son of former Major League Baseball player Ron Musselman and Lucas's mother is the daughter of former pro football player Dick Hendley.

Deputies responded to the scene and handcuffed Krista.

When placed under arrest, Krista allegedly became combative and refused to get in the patrol vehicle, wrapping her legs around the door and frame. She wrapped her legs and feet around the door and frame of the auto, preventing the lower half of her body from getting into the vehicle.

When reached on her cellphone this afternoon, Krista hung up abruptly when asked for comment.

Lucas Glover nearly got a hole in his face.

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