Kim Jong Un lookalike questioned in Singapore before summit

Kim Jong Un lookalike questioned in Singapore before summit

"That takes a great deal of work, a great big commitment on the part of North Korea as well, and there'll be a parallel set of security assurances that are also big and bold and different", the top USA diplomat said.

President Donald Trump sounded an optimistic note Saturday morning about his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but called the meeting a "one-time shot" for Kim.

A woman walks past a cannon barrel stuffed with flowers in a symbolic gesture of peace at Fort Siloso in Singapore, as preparations continue for Tuesday's Trump-Kim summit.

After that five-day visit in June 2017, Rodman told reporters: "I'm just trying to open the door".

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump were seen having a grand old time in Singapore - wait, no. their meeting isn't until June 12.

Sporadic provocations by the North have continued while Pyongyang has made increasing advances in its nuclear arsenal, which it says it needs to defend against the risk of a U.S. invasion.

Trump's comments, made shortly before his departure for Singapore, underline his recent efforts to curb expectations for the summit, the first between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in the first days after the summit date was set, spoke of US private investment in North Korea, should Kim agree to denuclearization. "I really really appreciate it, because we are really cash-strapped", Howard X said as dozens lined up for their turn with him.

"We're going to raise every issue, every issue will be raised", he said. North and South Korean soldiers glare at each other across the line that Kim Jong Un historically stepped across for his recent summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

He added: "I know that Kim Jong-un will work very hard to do something that has rarely been done before.Create peace and great prosperity for his land. I think I'll also know whether it will happen fast". "I don't want to waste his time", Trump said.

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That third "backstop option" was legally codified in a protocol contained in the Draft Withdrawal Treaty in late February. Notwithstanding the actual feasibility of this deadline, the ambiguity of that formulation raises two possible scenarios.

On the state of global trade: "From the standpoint of trade and jobs and being fair to companies, we are really, I think, committed".

The president said Saturday he has "a clear objective" for the "mission of peace" and nuclear summit in Singapore - to convince Kim to completely abandon North Korea's arsenal of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The president's remarks come two days after he said he "doesn't need to prepare very much" for the meeting which the US hopes will lead toward an agreement for North Korea to end its nuclear program.

As a result, police will make stricter checks of people and personal property and items such as public address systems and remotely piloted aircraft systems will be prohibited in the special event areas. "This is a leader who really is an unknown personality".

Ahead of the highly-anticipated summit with North Korea, "CBS Evening News" anchor Jeff Glor is in Singapore to lead CBS News' coverage of the meeting.

"The situation was much more shocking than I had expected", he said. "I think it would be well received and I think [Kim] would look at it very favorably".

While 2018 started off positively the summit was placed in doubt following fiery exchanges between Mr Trump and North Korea.

President Trump confirmed human rights was not mentioned in his meeting with the North Korean delegation at the White House last week. "This should be a matter between USA and South Korea".

He said the police officers who stopped him at Singapore's Changi Airport searched his bags and questioned him for about two hours before letting him go.

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