The Elder Scrolls 6 announced

The Elder Scrolls 6 announced

We don't even have a subtitle for The Elder Scrolls VI yet, much less a release window.

Meanwhile, Typhon Hunter is a 5-on-one game where players can become a mimic against a human character. Plan is to show more at QuakeCon in August.

There will be three modes in the game, Abyss, Arena, and Town.

Over 120 million people have played Fallout Shelter since its 2015 launch, said Howard, a greater number of people than the amount who have played every other Bethesda game combined. You play as one of the first survivors to leave a vault in the aftermath of the nuclear war that turned the planet into a wasteland.

Amazon Prime Video to stream live Premier League matches and highlights
Sky Sports still have hold of the four choice packages, which they paid £3.5billion to acquire in February. The rights packages include a total of 200 of the league's 380 games, up from the current deal of 168.

"Fallout 76 is a prequel to all the other games". But there was also a new Wolfenstein game set in the '80s called Wolfenstein Youngblood.

All in all, Fallout 76 sounds like a very interesting spin on the long-running franchise.

With friends, you can build up awesome bases and fight against big mutant beasts together. As with the mobile release, the game is free to play. The game will also feature 6 different regions, all coming with unique risks, new creatures, including some that have been inspired by West Virginia's folklore.

Watch a teaser trailer below.

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