White House: Trump salute to NK general ‘a common courtesy’

White House: Trump salute to NK general ‘a common courtesy’

"We're going to get denuclearization", Pompeo said in the South Korean capital. "Only then, there will be a relief from the sanctions".

Though it is shown from the North Korean perspective, the documentary largely shows Trump in a flattering light - at one point Ri describes the president and Kim as "two supreme leaders" of their countries.

In the military, returning a salute from a military officer of a friendly foreign nation is common practice for US military officers and considered a display of military professionalism.

Gen. Kim Do-gyun, center, speaks to the media before leaving for the border village of Panmunjom to attend South and North Korea meeting, at the Office of the South Korea-North Korea Dialogue in Seoul, South Korea, today.

The words of reassurance from Pompeo came as diplomacy continued at an intense pace after Tuesday's summit in Singapore, the first between a sitting American president and North Korea's leader in six decades of hostility.

The meeting at Tongilgak, a building on the North Korean side of Panmunjom, was the first of its kind between the two Koreas since December 2007.

Cornyn told VOA the Singapore summit did not, by itself, alter the Trump administration's policy of "maximum pressure" against Pyongyang.

"China has reaffirmed its commitment to honoring the UN Security Council resolutions".

Instead, the agreement calls for "complete denuclearization".

SHI YINHONG: (Through interpreter) If tomorrow Trump announces imposing tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods, China's promises to increase USA exports and make it easier for US companies to enter the Chinese market won't happen.

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But Trump has repeatedly praised Kim since their newfound friendship blossomed on Tuesday.

He noted that the joint statement signed by Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un confirmed an earlier declaration signed in April.

President Donald Trump saluted North Korean general and defense minister No Kwang Chol during the Singapore summit, as seen in a video released by the country's state media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with a senior North Korean official in Moscow on Thursday and invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit Russia.

Yet there were persistent questions about whether Trump had given away too much in return for too little.

Pompeo also said he's confident that US talks with North Korea will resume "sometime in the next week".

MPompeo was speaking at a press conference in Seoul with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts. He also welcomed the diplomatic progress made at the summit, but sought clarification at the trilateral meeting that North Korea's short-range ballistic missile arsenal that could target the mainland of Japan and its chemical weapons capability would also eliminated as part of the denuclearization deal.

Shortly after arriving in Seoul to brief USA treaty allies Japan and South Korea, Mr Pompeo also cautioned that the U.S. would resume "war games" with close ally South Korea if the North stops negotiating in good faith.

Xi said China and the United States share broad common interests and shoulder important responsibilities in safeguarding world peace and stability and promoting global development and prosperity.

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