AI Robot Cimon Takes over ISS

AI Robot Cimon Takes over ISS

"It is meant to show to what extent the astronauts' work can be supported in the European Columbus module on the ISS and relieve them, in particular, of routine tasks", said Christian Karrasch, CIMON Project Manager at the DLR Space Administration.

Astronauts repaired the arm's current hand - which was growing arthritic after 17 years of use - during a series of spacewalks in recent months. But what it learns can help in recognizing this type of AI Bot design in the future.

In 2012, Dragon became the first commercial spacecraft in history to deliver cargo to the International Space Station and safely return cargo to Earth, a feat previously achieved only by governments.

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 5:42 a.m., CBS News reported, adding that the climb to space went smoothly and that the "used" Dragon cargo ship was released into orbit, making its way to ISS, where it is expected to arrive early Monday.

Researchers hope that with its face, voice and artificial intelligence, it will become a genuine "colleague" on board, helping astronauts with their daily routines, and warning of any impending problems - much like the HAL robot in Stanley Kubrick's 2001 was created to do. CIMON (Crew Interactive MObile companioN) can speak, respond to spoken commands and has a smiley face on its screen to put crew members at ease.

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It was built by Airbus on behalf of the German Aerospace Center in a bid to "demonstrate cooperation between humans and intelligent machines" in the form of a technology experiment.

CIMON will deploy a range of IBM Watson artificial intelligence, including computer vision and various forms of natural language processing.

Three experiments are planned: one using crystals, one with a Rubik's cube and finally, a medical experiment in which CIMON will be employed as a flying camera, according to DLR.

SpaceX launched Friday a spacecraft that contains equipment NASA intends to aid activities onboard the International Space Station, including research on artificial intelligence, cellular biology and Earth science.

They did the same with Scott and Mark Kelly, Nasa's former identical twin astronauts, during Scott's year-long space station mission a few years ago.

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